• Splash!
    This article was originally published in 2018 on my old website. I am now re-publishing it here. This was my first try at splash photography. As always, this blog entry is more a reminder to myself how I did it so I can recreate the shoot later on. If you want some hints from a professional and stunning photos, read here. My setup for this picture was actually the 2nd attempt. The first setup I did in the bath tub did not work as I could not find enough flat surfaces to place equipment on. About equipment, I used: my standard […]
  • 1953: Bus trip
    Looks like the driver fixed the bus and it is running again. Also taken in 1953, and on the same film as the previous one. Bus is a Magirus-Deutz, most likely a O3500. Note the windscreen – splitted in two. Some cyclists on the road can be seen and cars in front. From worn leather of the seats you can see that the bus is not very new.
  • 1953: Not only driving the bus…
    Taken in 1953 by my father. Persons in the picture and location is unknown. The job of the bus driver was not just driving the bus… From the logo on the bus it was a Magirus (link in German only).
  • Now and then: 1960 – 2015
    Now and then – the upper photo was taken by my father in 1960. I took the lower one in 2015 from approximately the same location. A lot of things have changed: “Simons housewares” shop (lower left) no longer exists. The shop was removed in the early 1970s. At the same time the clock was removed. The wooden telephone pole no longer exists. Instead there now is a street light. You no longer can push a pram in the middle of the street. But you also no longer need to, because The sidewalk is paved now. The small house on […]
  • 1940: A cold winter…
    This picture was scanned from a paper photograph. On the back side was written “during the cold winter of 1940, Iggelheimer Straße at Mönchshof”. If it is from 1940 it must have been taken by my Grandfather. I do not know who the man with the hat is, also the location (see below) is a guess.
  • Photographing Fireworks
    (I wrote this article in 2019 – but as my old web server is going away I re-publish it here) To begin the new year in Germany people do usually a lot of fireworks. Although I personally think its a complete waste of money, I thought why not take advantage of other people burning (literally) their savings and let’s do some photography. My setup was as follows: Wide angle lens (11-20mm, I tried several settings, 20mm worked best). Tripod. Of course. Make sure there are no streetlights in your view. Miops Trigger. You can use any kind of automatic trigger […]
  • 1951: Saint Lawrence Church in Schifferstadt
    Taken in 1951 this picture shows St. Lawrence church in my hometown of Schifferstadt. At that time the area around the church was still undeveloped.
  • 1951: Street scene
    Street scene at Friedrichstrasse, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. As always, I point out a few things: On the left, from front to back: Women hairdresser “Salon A. Heel” Ice cream advertisement (“Eis”) “Stollwerck Chocolate” and “Sarotti” (also chocolate) A cinema (“Palast Theater”). “Verschleierte Maja” was a film in 1951. On the right Hotel Pfalzgraf. Traffic signs: The crossed “P” on the right hand side means “parking forbidden” I could not find a reference for the “P” with the arrow in the middle. It possible means “parking this way”.
  • 1962: Neckar-Bridge at Heidelberg
    Propably taken from the same spot (Philosophenweg, you can see it in the foreground) as the previous picture – this shows the Neckar bridges of Heidelberg. Take note of the Old Bridge.
  • 1962: Heidelberger Schloss
    This picture was taken in 1992 by my father in Heidelberg. View of the Heidelberger Schloss from the “Philosophenweg” at the other side of the Neckar.
  • 1951: Geislingen/Steige Railway Station
    Another one from my fathers trip to the Bodensee in 1951. Station name is Geislingen/Steige. Check the advertising: “Haller Schokolade” and “Waldbaur Schokolade”
  • 1951: Salamander Factory Building
    This photo was taken in 1951 when my father travelled by train to the Bodensee. Factory building of “Salamander” at (most likely) Kornwestheim.
  • 1951: Bicycle Race
    Bicycle race in my hometown Schifferstadt in 1951.
  • Living room of my grandparents
    Taken in 1951 – explore this picture and find interesting things – like the sewing machine at the right, the bread box at the left back or the spice jars in the cupboard at the right. And if you are tired you can lay down on the sofa at the left.
  • Apprentice Workshop Gebr. Sulzer (Halberg)
    Apprentices workshop of a metal works. My grandfather did his apprenticeship there. The picture is undated, I estimate it was taken in the 1920s or 1930s. Company name was “Brothers Sulzer”, later renamed to Halberg, the company finally closed in 2015.

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