• Building an Anemometer – Part 1
    This is my most complex 3D printed project so far. The idea: I have now quite a number of weather sensors. I measure temperature with solar-powered sensors which transmit their data using LoRaWan at two locations now. I measure if it rains (qualitative measurement only). But I do not measure wind yet. So to keep things simple, I decided on the following parameters: Quantitative, but uncalibrated measurement. This gives me “more windy” and “less windy” but not exact values. The direction of wind is irrelevant. Powered and connected via USB port, wireless might come in another project I decided on […]
  • Working from home – 12 months in
    It was in March 2020 when Corona got serious and all employees where I work were ordered to work from home when ever possible. I was just coming back from a vacation (vacation, travelling, …, remember?) and had to adjust quickly to the new situation. Even when the situation was a bit better during the summer months, I continued working from home, because it’s not over yet. But after 12 months it’s perhaps time for a short summary. Things I got right immediately When I started working from home I immediately knew that I cannot do that from the living room […]
  • Making stuff: CO2 monitor
    If you have read my blog and my postings on Facebook for a while you know that one of my hobbies is to play around with microcontrollers. I built environmental sensors for my house and also two solar powered weather stations for outside. One of my inhouse sensors is already monitoring fine dust levels and also “air quality” (what the BME680 sensor reports, to be honest, I have no real clue what it actually monitors). With the current discussions about increasing air quality for the purpose of lowering infection risk by monitoring inhouse CO2 levels, I decided to test one […]
  • Environmental Sensors: Remote
    Last week my garden sensors gave up – the wooden birds house I used to contain them was simply rotten so I needed a new one. For outside housing of sensors these cheap wooden birds houses are great – no plastic but wood, cheap, and easy to work with. The local home supply store only had expensive ones, so I ordered the cheapest one I could find on Amazon. Important feature is a “door” for easy access to the inside, and it must be possible to mount a solar panel. Goal of the project was to have a small weather […]
  • Environmental Sensors: Lightning
    You perhaps know that one of my hobbies is playing around with microcontrollers and sensors. For quite a while now I have deployed ESP8266 based sensor nodes inside and outside of my house. Currently they mainly gather temperature, moisture levels, air pressure and light levels, using BME280 and similar sensors. A while ago I discovered the AS3935 lightning sensor. It uses a hardware-based algorithm to detect radio bursts caused by lightnings. Since last weekend now I have integrated one of these sensor in one of my outside sensor nodes (see picture). My first indoor tests went quite well, although the […]

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