1970: Best Christmas present ever

I guess this was the best Christmas present I got as a child ever – a model railway (Märklin H0). The first time I got it it was built in secrecy by my parents, the last time it was built by myself some times in the late 70s. It usually stood from December until end of January and took up quite some space in our living room. On this picture I am 4.5 years old.

A few details from the picture:

  • the number 10 visible means railroad switch 10, all were controlled by buttons on a control panel
  • on the very right side you can see a crane with a box. The crane had a magnet and the boxes could be loaded onto trains.
  • everything was mounted on a wooden board which went behind my bedroom closet when not in use


Talking to my mother and checking more photographs I found that the picture above was most likely from 1971, not from 1970. While I got the railway first time in 1970, it was a way simpler setup. This setup including a tunnel was the second one. I guess I have to write a whole posting about my model railway some day.

1970: Best Christmas present ever

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