ePaper Tags as Trash Reminders and more

When do I have to bring out the trash? We here in the nice city of Bad Homburg have 4 different trash collections (not counting the “special” collections like garden waste etc.): So you see its complicated. And we have to bring the waste bin to the edge of the street for collection on the […]

Woodpecker – its feeding time

Some pictures deserve a bit more attention then just posting them to Instagram or Twitter with a few keywords added. This woodpecker feeding its young is such a picture. We were on a walk on a Klompenpad near Arnhem in the Netherlands when we heard loud bird noises. The noises came from quite nearby and […]

New project: IPv6 only home network

I have a new spare time (yes, I do have some spare time now and then) project: Re-building my home network so it runs IPv6 only. Yes. No legacy IP. Devices only get an IPv6 address. If they want to communicate with a device on the internet which is IPv4 only, a technique called NAT64 […]

2022: Fireworks to start the new year

Because of the ongoing pandemic the sale of fireworks in German was forbidden last year. So at least it no longer felt like being under attack around midnight when the new year began. To be clear: I have nothing against fireworks. If people want to (literally) burn their money to attract attention I am all […]

1955: When Europe still had borders

This picture shows the border between Austria and Germany going right through a village. On the very left side you can read the name on a sign “Grenzkontrollstelle Grossgmain” (so the picture was taken from the Austrian side). In the middle of the picture you can see a signpost with the emblem of Bavaria (the […]

1973: Christmas Tree – photographed by 7 year old me

In 1973, 7 years old, I got my very first own camera for Christmas. It was a plastic, fixed focus camera, with cassette type films and magnesium one-time flashbulbs from Porst. I guess this is one of the first photos I took. Some details about the photo: The tree is standing in our living room, […]

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