1965: Christmas tree and gifts

Christmas 1965, this was before I was born so no gifts for me in that picture. Lots of details to discover in this picture:

  • Photograph of my mother on the wall right behind the tree
  • Real candles on the tree. They were replaced by electrical ones after I was born (guess why).
  • Lots of books on the shelves. Most of the books still exist in a box on the attic.
  • Also two crime novels on the gift table: “Gelächter in der Nacht” by Victor Gunn and “Glocken des Todes” by Ernst Hall. No idea if they were good.
  • A “Pur-Schaumer” was a cleaning device.
  • Car-Pillow with street signs and an inscription “think of me – drive careful”
  • A film camera. Double-8 – that format was out of fashion at that time, so the camera was not that expensive. Well, they were expecting me in 5 months.
  • A bottle of wine. Always a good gift (and always better than a cleaning device)
  • A cooking pot. Was still in use until recently.
  • A straw picture.
  • The always useful shirt.
  • A stool – I nearly overlooked it. Know it from my childhood. Great play-thing as it rotates.
  • A plate for Stollen – still in use today.
1965: Christmas tree and gifts

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