1950: Christmas presents

As you know in Germany you get your Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. This photo shows some presents from 1950. Some of these tree ornaments still exist! Let’s have a look at some presents in detail:

  • Fruits and nuts (and some cookies). This shows me the picture was arranged – usually you have the cookies on the table and not under the tree.
  • Sarotti Mokka-Schokolade
  • “Die feine Schokolade” – from the brand only the first three letters can be seen “Loh….”, but on the side you can read “Lohmann” (the company does not exist anymore, but the brand name does)
  • Cigarettes – yech! – but yes, my Grandfather was a smoker (the only smoker in the family), so this must be his. I cannot read the name on the package, but from a comment on the German entry of this blog I learned that they were “Astor” cigarettes.
  • Warm slippers, a blanket, and a shirt and tie.

Merry Christmas!

1950: Christmas presents

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