Year: 2021

1955: When Europe still had borders

This picture shows the border between Austria and Germany going right through a village. On the very left side you can read the name on a sign “Grenzkontrollstelle Grossgmain” (so the picture was taken from the Austrian side). In the middle of the picture you can see a signpost with the emblem of Bavaria (the […]

1973: Christmas Tree – photographed by 7 year old me

In 1973, 7 years old, I got my very first own camera for Christmas. It was a plastic, fixed focus camera, with cassette type films and magnesium one-time flashbulbs from Porst. I guess this is one of the first photos I took. Some details about the photo: The tree is standing in our living room, […]

1960: Shopping at Weickert in Neustadt

From the chain of lightbulbs and the writing my guess is that this photo was taken some time before Christmas in December. You see shopping center Weickert in Neustadt a.d.Weinstr. – and it looks like they had everything. Some of the writing translated: “Food department with self service” “Use our elevator and escalator” “Buy something […]

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