Remote RIPE80 is history

The last week RIPE80 meeting happened. Online. It should have been in Berlin, with my company DE-CIX as the „local host“. Because of that, I was appointed to the program committee – as a local host representative. For my friends not familiar with what I do, how the Internet industry works or, what a RIPE […]

Stuff I do when working from home: Rebuilding the network

As a lot of people, I am currently working from home. That means: I start about one hour earlier in the morning I have a looong lunch break I finish at the same time as in office I do not have to commute – that saves me 90 minutes each day! So, time to spend […]

India: First day at the office

After a one hour ride with a driver from the hotel we arrived at the office building. Quite an interesting area. Drive to the office increased my opinion of never wanting to drive in India. Another thing that gets you is the massive air pollution. People who complain about the Diesel discussion in Germany should […]

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