Now and then: 1960 – 2015

Now and then – the upper photo was taken by my father in 1960. I took the lower one in 2015 from approximately the same location.

A lot of things have changed:

  • “Simons housewares” shop (lower left) no longer exists. The shop was removed in the early 1970s. At the same time the clock was removed.
  • The wooden telephone pole no longer exists.
  • Instead there now is a street light.
  • You no longer can push a pram in the middle of the street. But you also no longer need to, because
  • The sidewalk is paved now.
  • The small house on the top right was replaced by a bigger one.
  • The petrol station is now Avia, no longer Shell.
  • The large tree is gone

But some things also stay the same, like:

  • The kiosk near the petrol station still existed in 2015 (now it is gone as well). When I was a child I bought my first ice cream there (one for 10 Pfennig).
  • There is still a petrol station.
  • The two houses in the middle are still the same.
Now and then: 1960 – 2015

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