Woodpecker – its feeding time

Some pictures deserve a bit more attention then just posting them to Instagram or Twitter with a few keywords added. This woodpecker feeding its young is such a picture.

We were on a walk on a Klompenpad near Arnhem in the Netherlands when we heard loud bird noises. The noises came from quite nearby and did not move. We looked around for a bird on a branch or on a tree and saw nothing. Then finally a small head appeared inside a hole in a dead tree:


We stepped away a bit and waited. The woodpecker looked out of the hole:


Suddenly the parent appeared, landing on the tree:


And after that I was able to capture the feeding (see photo on top). It all happened very fast. I did not have any special lens on my Nikon Z5, just my standard walkabout Z 24-200mm. The map below shows the approximate location only.

Woodpecker – its feeding time

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