India: Tuesday, 2nd week

Our driver this morning took off in an “unusual” direction (after Aerocity where the hotel is located he took a right instead of a left as all other drivers). He noticed that we were looking confused and checking the map and explained it is to “avoid the traffic”. Well, it worked until a T crossing where two roads merged with no regulation what so ever, making Frankfurts Ratswegkreisel look harmless. After a lot of honking and braking we finally made it. At the end, it took us longer. Btw – Uber still does not work for me, I now tried to contact their customer support.

Setting ourselves up in the office as every morning suddenly a guy walks in, looking confused, and gave the room a dose of air freshener spray. Ah well, things you do instead of opening a window when the air indoors is in fact better than outdoors.

For dinner, we had the (IMHO) best restaurant so far – La Roca at Worldmark 

Uber actually replied and requested screen shots of the iPhone, I will do that tomorrow.

India: Tuesday, 2nd week

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