India: Friday – 3rd day

Our Uber driver took an “interesting” route today – lots of potholes and shaking. And rubbish laying around everywhere. At the end the route was quite a bit shorter then the usual route.

Did I mention that I love Indian food? The photo below shows the menu of the delivery service we use for lunch – super cheap (for us) and super delicious. I am usually not that big on vegetarian dishes, but Indian-vegetarian is great! I love the spices!

These entries are getting shorter – I do not experience completely new things every day. Uber-ride back to the hotel was as usual, this time the driver was on the phone with someone nearly all the time. But we made it.

In the evening, after the first bar was too loud to talk we went to the same place as yesterday (The Beer Cafe)



India: Friday – 3rd day

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