India: First day at the office

After a one hour ride with a driver from the hotel we arrived at the office building. Quite an interesting area. Drive to the office increased my opinion of never wanting to drive in India. Another thing that gets you is the massive air pollution. People who complain about the Diesel discussion in Germany should spend a day in Delhi.

We were set up in a small meeting room and got connected to their network. After work a drive back to the hotel.

A beer and some food and that concluded the first day.

Lessons learned:

  • Bring a sweater. Even in summertime (we were there in winter) take it with you when visiting any office. They have air conditioning from hell (that part of hell that froze over). Seriously, it’s cold here.  
  • Have a VPN ready to use.
  • If Amazon, Facebook or something else considered to be “entertaining” does not work at the office, it’s not you, it’s them. Lots of stuff is blocked in the office lan. Use the “encrypt everything through gateway” option of our VPN to get around it (Update: after we asked for it, the blocking was removed).
India: First day at the office

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